Semifinal Events

Polanski, Amber Shadows

Advance tickets from 6,50 €, at the door 7 €, Age limit: 18+

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21:00 Amber Shadows
22:00 Polanski

POLANSKI takes on the work of the 90's, bringing back music that used to heavily resonate within the communities that love distorted guitars, psychedelic sounds and escapism in its lyrical form.

Bursting out from the worn-out scene of Helsinki, Finland, this band delivers its vision in a very unabashed way. The hungry, unapologizing musical performance of the band is tied together with a self-sanctifying and unyielding lyrical and vocal dispatch that leaves everything on the table.

This band will most likely make you reminisce the times when appealing, enigmatic and self- conscious rock music was still very much alive and celebrated.

Good music is coming through, always.